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Otakon Had a Game and (Otaku) Bingo Was Its Name

Otakon 2012 is THIS WEEKEND (I know, it’s hard to believe, right?), and we couldn’t be more excited here at Ani-Gamers. The huge annual anime convention has nabbed some excellent guests this year, from the J-pop singer and voice actor Hirano Aya (Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star) to Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero writer Gen Urobuchi to mecha model artist Hidetaka Tenjin to Otakon regular and Madhouse founder Masao Maruyama (did you read our interview with him from last year?). But you know what we’re really excited for? Thousands of teenagers shouting “I GOT THAT ICE COLD WATER” straight into our eardrums for three days.

So, to commemorate yet another year of anime congoers being absolutely ridiculous (in the best AND worst possible ways), we’ve brought back the popular Otaku Bingo game for another round!

The rules are simple: when you see one of the anime con shenanigans on the bingo card, cross it off, and try to get five in a row. If you get “Bingo,” tweet us a photo of your card (or a list of the boxes you got) with the hashtags #OtakuBingo and #Otakon2012. Of course, you could also send us an email at otakubingo [AT] anigamers [DOT] com with the photo if you’re not a fan of the little blue bird. We’ll be compiling everybody’s submissions to publish on the site! (Last year we didn’t get enough submissions, which is why I never posted them.)

[Click here for a PDF of the Bingo card for you to print at home]

See all you chumps at Otakon! Look out for our panels, “Fandom & Criticism,” and “The Changing Faces of Anime.”

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