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Help Wanted!

Ani-Gamers covers a wide variety of topics, and we’re always looking for more writers to help expand our coverage and provide new perspectives. We’re on the lookout for solid writers with a passion for anime, manga, and/or video games and a knack for unique and insightful approaches to pop culture analysis and commentary. If that describes you, we’d love for you to be a part of the Ani-Gamers team.

Contributing to Ani-Gamers is on a volunteer basis, but some of our writers get review copies of anime, manga, and games, press passes to conventions and trade shows, and chances to meet and interview awesome creators. Plus, since you are a volunteer, you can post on your own schedule.

We are looking for contributors in any area (and we welcome any and all new coverage ideas), these are the particular spots that we are looking to fill:

  • Manga reviewers
  • Contributors who are fans of shōjo, yaoi, or yuri anime/manga (we don’t have much coverage of them right now)
  • Non-male contributors (we have an all-male staff at the moment and we’d love to get some new perspectives)

When you apply, please send us these four things:

  1. Your name, email address, and the position(s) you are applying for
  2. A brief description of yourself. Include details on your previous experience, the anime/manga/games you’re into, or anything else you think is relevant (a resume is not required, but it helps)
  3. A rough estimate of how much time you can spend a week on Ani-Gamers work.
  4. One to three samples of the type of work you are applying for. Show us your best work!

Guest Writers

If you don’t have much time to write for us, but you’d still like to contribute a one-off article, we also accept guest articles. The best way to go about getting a guest article published is to simply contact us and pitch the article. A pitch consists of a detailed description of your topic and approach, as well as one to three writing samples. If the pitch is approved, you can begin writing, submit it to one of our editors, and eventually see it published on the site! You may also send unsolicited articles, but we cannot guarantee that they will be published.


Email: editor [AT] anigamers [DOT] com