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Review Copies

Ani-Gamers gladly accepts review copies of anime, manga, video games, comics, animations, books, and related accessories. However, we cannot guarantee that we will publish reviews for unsolicited review copies, since not every item we receive will necessarily be applicable to our audience.

If you are interested in sending us a review copy, we recommend you use our Contact form or send an email directly to evanm [AT] anigamers [DAWT] com describing the item you’d like to send us and any shipping restrictions (i.e. US-only). We will then determine who should review it and send you their address (we do not have an office, so review copies must be sent directly to our reviewers). In the case of digital copies, we will simply forward the provided code to the correct reviewer.

We typically notify publishers when we review their content, but we make a special point of doing so when the review is based on a review copy.

We give a fair review to every title we write about here at Ani-Gamers; review copies are absolutely not guarantees of positive reviews. Additionally, we will always disclose when a review is based on a complimentary copy, and oftentimes we will also give away review copies to our readers (when the publisher allows it).