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From the Console of Oldtaku no Radio

Dear listeners,

Thank you for your ears and comments and questions and patience with our amateur podcast, Oldtaku no Radio. It has been an absolute joy crafting episodes that let us talk about shows that struck our fancy in the hopes that they might strike yours in similar fashion or at least generate some good discussion. This venture started as a joke pirate radio episode of the AGP; because there was an anime no one else was talking about that we really liked, we decided to be the change we wanted to hear in the world. And, well, you know our penchant for running gags.

Over our five-year run, we’ve been phenomenally lucky to host guests who are way more eloquent and know much more than us, and we simply cannot express the depth of our gratitude for their cooperation and company. We’ve also been fortunate enough to be hosted by Ani-Gamers, whose EIC basically gave us free rein to run at the mouth about anything we saw fit in whatever format we chose. It has been a challenge. It has been an adventure. But more so than anything else, it has been fun.

Due to life’s changing demands on both hosts, however, Oldtaku no Radio is going on an indefinite hiatus. We know we still owe you so much, not the least of which is the last two Satoshi Kon installments, and we hope to be able to deliver on those discussions and more at some point in the future. For now, it is our only hope that our episodes have proved both entertaining and engaging enough to be worthy of your time and attention.

With sincere thanks and humility,
Jared and Ink
Oldtaku no Radio

  • Ink's profile

    Ink contributes his own pieces and edits those of others pertaining to anime, manga, and games. His reviews and analyses have also appeared in the pages of Otaku USA as well as online over at The Fandom Post and Taiiku Podcast.

  • Jared Nelson's profile

    Jared discovered anime in the early 1990s through stacks of third-hand fandubs and Streamline Pictures tapes. By the tender age of 16, he was humming Macross 7 songs in art class, dreaming of Asuka Langley and hanging Rurouni Kenshin posters on his wall. A few years later he moved to Japan where he worked as an ALT (assistant language teacher) in Ibaraki and Fukuoka Prefectures. While he returned home with a deep appreciation for Japan, its culture, and its public transit system, Jared fell out of anime fandom and only returned in 2010. A self-proclaimed 3rd-level bard, Jared enjoys tabletop gaming and game design, video gaming, giant robots, history, comics, and most recently manga. He is also eternally late to the party.

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