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UNLOCKED: Ani-Gamers Book Club: KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Volume 1

(Originally published on March 4, 2020 on the Ani-Gamers Patreon) What’s up, readers, hope you like stories about getting sent to other worlds, because we got another isekai light novel for you on this second episode of the Ani-Gamers Book Club, run by me, David “at-sign QX20XX” Estrella from the Ani-Gamers Podcast. I have a nice chat with my cohost, Anarchy “Uncle Nax” Inaki, about the first volume of KonoSuba, a book about a bunch of underachieving dimwits in a fantasy world struggling not to get each other killed by their unrepentant stupidity. Catch us next month when we discuss a book about a girl reborn in another world as a spider.

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    Evan is the Editor-in-chief of Ani-Gamers, a freelance reviewer for Otaku USA Magazine, and a frequent anime convention panelist. You can read his ravings about anime, manga, games, politics, music, and more on Twitter @VamptVo.

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