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Oldtaku no Radio # 006.75 – 2017 Anime Winter Wrap-up and 2017 Spring Fling

Welcome to Oldtaku no Radio’s first official B-side. In the anime season lulls that happen between regular OnR episodes, we lightly blather about what shows we stuck with – what worked and what didn’t and why – from the past season and try to make predictions as to what might hold our interest or earn our ire in the upcoming season. We have a decisive (if only a smidge divisive) winner for our Winter 2017 affections, but there are other mentionables as well as detestables. Looking forward, we have a bit of fun with the Spring 2017 ani-chart in a segment we’re calling “No Theater.”

If you don’t care for seasonal reflections, we hope you’ll tune in for the next OnR episode proper on its regularly scheduled date (the eleventh of every month).


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Runtime: 1 hr, 4 min

Show Notes

  • Opening Song: “Through the Glass” by Kaz Mirblouk
  • Ink mistakenly refers to this past winter anime season as 2016.

  • Winter 2017 impressions:

  • 01:30 – Dragon Maid and Scum’s Wish, sure, but Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: Descending Stories!
  • 08:20 – Hold on, what was that about Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid?
  • 14:50 – Interviews with Machi, Best Girl (a.k.a. Flying Dullahan)
      • Anime Feminist opinions referenced by Ink can be found here starting at 45:59.
  • 17:40 – Saga of Tanya the Evil
  • 19:30 – Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga
  • 21:00 – Scum’s Wish
      • The ANN feature referenced by Jared can be found here.
  • 22:50 – Masamune-Kun’s Revenge
  • 24:15 – Samurai Girl and Samurai Master, Sengokuchojyugiga
  • 25:25 – Jared proffers an indefensible opinion, and Ink does the same.
  • 25:40 – Yamishibai S4
  • 27:00 – One Room
  • 28:34 – Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends

  • Spring 2017 is upon us!
    (Warning: Jared is tired, and Ink is tipsy, so we get a bit giggly and sweary.)

  • 30:00 – The debut of No Theater.
  • 53:04 – Hot takes on expectations for the new season as a whole.
  • 56:00 – What could’ve been shorter, and what needed to be longer (from Winter 2017)?
  • 62:55 – Ink forgets to mention his your name. review on The Fandom Post.
  • Ending Song: “Money 1973” by NO FUTURE
  • Twitter: Ani-Gamers, Oldtaku no RadioInk, Jared
  • Ink also writes for Otaku USA Magazine and The Fandom Post.
  • Jared also writes for The Electrum Edition and Wave Motion Cannon.
    • Ink's profile

      Ink contributes his own pieces and edits those of others pertaining to anime, manga, and games. His reviews and analyses have also appeared in the pages of Otaku USA as well as online over at The Fandom Post and Taiiku Podcast.

    • Jared Nelson's profile

      Jared discovered anime in the early 1990s through stacks of third-hand fandubs and Streamline Pictures tapes. By the tender age of 16, he was humming Macross 7 songs in art class, dreaming of Asuka Langley and hanging Rurouni Kenshin posters on his wall. A few years later he moved to Japan where he worked as an ALT (assistant language teacher) in Ibaraki and Fukuoka Prefectures. While he returned home with a deep appreciation for Japan, its culture, and its public transit system, Jared fell out of anime fandom and only returned in 2010. A self-proclaimed 3rd-level bard, Jared enjoys tabletop gaming and game design, video gaming, giant robots, history, comics, and most recently manga. He is also eternally late to the party.

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