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Ani-Gamers Podcast Bonus – No Need for Dippin’ Dots at Otakon 2018

Shoji Kawamori standing up on the table at his panel 

Another Otakon, another cacophonous gathering of anime personalities. This year Anime World Order hosts Gerald Rathkolb (@Gerald_AWO), Clarissa Graffeo (@ClarissaG), and Daryl Surat (@DarylSurat), The Cockpit’s Patz (@PatzPrime) and Tom Aznable (@TomAznable), and Corey Proft (@Modandrocker, formerly of The BME Podcast) join Evan to talk about the guests, the fan panels, and … the abortive alt-right rally in Washington, DC. We recorded around a single microphone so we apologize for the messy audio. Also, this episode is a bonus because we’re still working on recording the official Episode 100! Trust us, it’ll be worth it. Topics include: visionary creator Shoji Kawamori, Tenchi Muyo incest, and Dippin’ Dots.

Show Notes

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