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Ani-Gamers Podcast #168 – Quicksave: Fans Keep Winning in 2022

Three girls with guns running through a snowy forest in Girls Frontline.

Evan and David are trying out a new show format! These “Quicksave” episodes will feature our news, Queues, and mailbag segments, freeing up our other shows to focus 100% on their respective review or discussion topics. In this episode, the boys talk anime company acquisitions (Sentai Filmworks and RetroCrush), the specter of NFTs haunting the game industry, Final Fantasy XIV disallowing new signups, Wordle, and Girls Frontline. This episode was recorded a few weeks back so the news isn’t totally up to date! FFXIV reopened signups! Wordle got bought by The New York Times! Topics include: fans win, 100% reason to forget the name, and M16-nee-chan.

Thank you to Patrick Sutton for editing this episode!

Show Notes

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