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Ani-Gamers Podcast #164 – Necrobarista

Maddy from Necrobarista looking directly at the camera. She’s wearing a hoodie and red glasses and saying “Yes! Absolutely. And if you’ve got any bright ideas on how to do it otherwise I’m all ears.”

Happy Halloween! In celebration of the season, Evan and David review the 2020 indie visual novel Necrobarista, the story of a Melbourne café whose customers include both the living and the dead. Plus some news, including the tragic death of voice actor Chris Ayres (Frieza in Dragon Ball) and Netflix’s new live-action Cowboy Bebop trailer. Topics include: Australian words for cigarettes, Lives Are Strange, and helmet heads.

NOTE: After releasing this episode we discovered lead artist Ngoc Vu’s allegation that director Kevin Chen failed to pay the full amounts agreed to for her work on the game, including a $10K superannuation. We recommend you consider this if and when purchasing the game.

Show Notes

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