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Ani-Gamers Podcast #144 – Blaseball! It’s Baseball with an L! with Elliot Trinidad and Cassandra Lugo

List of top idolized Blaseball players, including names like PolkaDot Patternson, Jaylen Hotdogfingers, and NaN. Team names incude Baltimore Crabs, Hades Tigers, and Unlimited Tacos.

The forbidden book has been opened and the umpire’s eyes are glowing red. That’s right, it’s time to play ball! Former Crunchyroll host Elliot Trinidad (@nameoftheyear) and game designer Cassandra Lugo (@prophet_goddess) join Evan to plodcast about the surrealist virtual splorts betting game-slash-collaborative fiction project Blaseball. Plus a bunch of Nintendo and anime news, entirely too much Gundam talk for a podcast without Pat on it, and Pathologic 2! Topics include: Zelda battle royale games, dropping an asteroid on the Earth is good actually, and flootball.

Show Notes

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