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Ani-Gamers Podcast #112 – Permadeath and Taxes

Two people playing Hot Swap: All Hands on Deck, moving around gray button pieces in front of a screen showing a pirate ship.

David is back on the mic to talk TAX NEWS (specifically the alleged tax evasion of Ufotable’s president) and his secret tryst with Granblue Fantasy. Then Evan talks about his return to The Witcher 3 and his week at the Game Developers Conference, including: game worker unionization; sessions about animation, accessibility, and censorship; and the experimental controllers at Alt.Ctrl.GDC. Topics include: the God Damn Convention, the Dark Souls of LED strips, and bring your own teabags.

For more on Granblue Fantasy, check out David’s companion article for this post, available on the Ani-Gamers Patreon. It’s just $5 a month for bonus articles and podcast episodes from the Ani-Gamers Podcast and Oldtaku no Radio!

Show Notes

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