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Ani-Gamers Podcast #099 – Promare and Premieres at Anime Expo 2018

Evan is back from Anime Expo, so he and David recap the news and premieres from the huge convention, including the Gundam live-action movie, Promare, Gridman, and Sirius the Jaeger, and the games that David has been playing in the meantime (spoilers: it’s more Fate/Grand Order). In the questions segment, the hosts muse about their dream retro anime remakes. Topics include: Benedict Cumberbatch as Amuro Ray, 3DCG Kamina, and two-million-dollar remake ideas.

Show Notes

  • Opening/Ending Song: “Blues Machine” by Scott Gratton
  • David is playing Fate/Grand Order again for the anniversary event.
  • David is playing Umineko.
  • Evan went to Anime Expo 2018. Topics:
    • Gundam live-action movie
    • Promare, Trigger’s new show
    • Trigger’s Patreon
    • Go Nagai’s Cutie Honey Universe panel
    • Premieres: Cells at Work, Gridman, and Sirius the Jaeger
  • Twitter: Evan, David, Ani-Gamers
  • MastodonEvan, David
  • Evan writes for Otaku USA Magazine and his side blog Anime Burger Time.
  • David is streaming every weekend on his Twitch channel.
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