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Ani-Gamers Podcast #070 – “Ai City” Doesn’t Meet the Password Requirements

Upon request from the Anime World Order Podcast, Evan and David decided to watch the 1986 anime film Ai City, which is a tremendous mess of 1980s anime tropes and unintelligible storytelling. And to help with the brain-melting task of interpreting Ai City, they brought along their college buddy Stephen. For better or for worse, this podcast accurately reflects the experience of sitting in a dorm room with the three of us talking about an awful ’80s anime. Before we get into Ai City, though, we discuss Fate: Grand Order, Dishonored, and Drifters. And in the questions segment, Evan gives tips on how to learn more about animation technique in anime. Topics include: being eaten alive by rats in your own bathroom, psychic power plays, and giant floating heads.

Show Notes

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