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Ani-Gamers Podcast #056 – Ninja Slayer Catches 'Em All at Katsucon 2016

Katsucon 2016 was quite a show, with a Saturday fire alarm, lots of hotel vandalism, and a snowstorm at the tail end that left the Crunchyroll team stranded in DC for a day. Luckily, that meant that there was time to record a special Ani-Gamers Podcast episode featuring Evan, Crunchyroll’s Danika Harrod and Sam Wolfe, and Space Opera Satellite‘s Patrick. Plus, we got a brief visit from Ninja Slayer co-author Phillip “Ninj@” Morzez! Topics include scratch-and-sniff arcade machines, the legend of Vic Mignogna’s fire alarm-pulling antics, and drunken Pokémon fans. Keep in mind that the CR folks (Evan, Danika, and Sam) are NOT speaking as official Crunchyroll representatives here, so the opinions they express do not represent Crunchyroll or its affiliates.

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Runtime: 34 minutes

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