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Ani-Gamers Podcast #048 – Writing About Anime and Manga (Anime Destiny 2014)

After being a guest on Mike Toole‘s “Writing About Anime for Fun and Profit” panel at Otakon 2014, I hosted a similar panel at tiny college con Anime Destiny back in December. The guests are Nate Ming from Crunchyroll News and the Crunchyroll Newsletter and YouTuber Nick Robinson, formerly of Revision3/Fandom Beat, Anime Vice, and Unwinnable. Topics include how to get noticed, our inspirations, and the importance of puns. Yes this podcast took forever to come out, but if it makes you feel better, it only took me a couple days to edit it and release it once I got my hands on the file.

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(Runtime: 59 minutes)

  • Opening Song: “Kill Me” by Lame Drivers
  • Our guests are Crunchyroll News’ Nate Ming and Nick Robinson, formerly of Revision3/Fandom Beat.
  • Otaku USA Magazine: Evan is featured in the new anime-only special issue (Fate/stay night cover), where he wrote about Studio Trigger and Hayao Miyazaki’s Porco Rosso.
  • Nate writes for Crunchyroll News.
  • Nick hosts videos on his personal YouTube channel, plus he used to write for Anime Vice and Unwinnable. He also hosted anime videos on Fandom Beat on his now-defunct show, Behind Anime Lines.
  • Twitter: Ani-GamersEvan, Nick, and Nate (he doesn’t use it)
  • Email us at!
  • Ending Song: “Kill Me” by Lame Drivers
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