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Ani-Gamers Podcast #041 – Laser Claws and Robot Sex

Space: PunisherIn this episode, I’m joined by indie comics writer Rachel Pandich and anime blogger/podcaster Kate (a.k.a. Narutaki) from the Reverse Thieves to discuss Western (i.e. non-manga) comics that appeal to anime and manga fans. We also talk about New York Comic Con and Masaaki Yuasa’s Kick-Heart Kickstarter, which is about to hit its deadline TONIGHT (10/30) after reaching its goal a few days early.

Show notes and links after the break.

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(Runtime: 1 hour, 20 minutes)

[0:00:00] Intro Music: “Kill Me” by Lame Drivers (licensed via Creative Commons)

[0:00:17] Introductions

[0:01:23] New York Comic Con. Also Rachel and Kate answer the question “What is Motorcity anyway?”

[0:10:25] Promo: Dave & Joel’s Fast Karate for the Gentleman

[0:11:37] The hosts start the main comics discussion

[0:13:00] Tank GirlAmazon

[0:18:30] RunawaysAmazon

[0:23:21] SagaAmazon

[0:34:31] The DreamerAmazon

[0:39:02] Space: PunisherAmazon

[0:44:40] FablesAmazon

[0:54:52] Rachel RisingAmazon

[1:00:43] PersepolisAmazon

[1:06:40] Gladstone’s School for World ConquerorsAmazon

[1:10:20] General tips for getting into comics (Rachel and Kate tell Evan to NEVER recommend Watchmen to new fans)

[1:17:30] Masaaki Yuasa’s Kickstarter, Kick-Heart. Evan’s article about why you should support it.

[1:18:55] Email us at! Review us on iTunes! Follow us on Twitter (@AniGamers, @VamptVo, @RachelPandich, @narutakiRT)! Check out Rachel’s comic work at and Kate’s blogging/podcasting at Reverse Thieves.

[1:19:33] Outro Music: “Kill Me” by Lame Drivers

[1:19:57] Syncing the audio with APPLAUSE

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