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Ani-Gamers Podcast #037 – Spicy Wolf, Made with Real Wolf!

Lawrence (left), Nora (center), and Holo (right)

What’s that? SIX MONTHS? Well, if you listen to the Ani-Gamers Podcast, I guess you’re probably used to super-long waits by now. Anyway, we’re back, and we’re starting off the year 2012 with something very timely and totally not recorded in the spring of last year: a review of the 2008 Spice & Wolf anime with Evan, Ink, and THEM Anime Reviews‘ very own Bradley C. Meek. Prepare for economics, wolf girls, and infuriating moé shepherds. That, plus a few mild spoilers, but there honestly isn’t much worth spoiling in this show. (Check the show notes for timecodes if you’re really spoiler-phobic.)

We’re also trying out some new intro and outro music, so we would appreciate some feedback on those from our listeners.

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(Runtime: 52 minutes)

[00:00] Evan introduces this super-old podcast.

[01:08] Intro: “Kill Me” by Lame Drivers

[01:23] Let’s meet our guests!

[01:53] The review begins with a summary of the setting and characters of Spice & Wolf, and some of our general impressions.

[11:17] We start by talking about the sly wolf goddess Holo.

[16:27] Next up is our straight-man protagonist, the trader Kraft Craft Lawrence.

[29:35] Evan gets super-angry about Nora, the shy shepherd girl.

[30:22] Season one spoilers start here.

[31:27] Evan likes to see people die. Also, more spoilers.

[37:27] Incredibly mild spoilers about the final scene in season one.

[37:24] The spoilers are over now. You can uncover your ears, you babies.

[39:16] We talk about the animation, background art, and some of the music in Spice & Wolf.

[44:09] Final thoughts

[48:08] “The awkward ending.” Twitter: @AniGamers, @VamptVo, @AnimatedInk (Ink has split his accounts between poetry and anime since this podcast was recorded), and @BradleyCMeek.

[51:10] Outro: “Kill Me” by Lame Drivers

[51:37] We read food nicknames from Parks & Recreation‘s Tom Haverford.

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