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Girls Getting Hit in the Face with Balls: Ink Talks Taisho Baseball Girls on the Taiiku Podcast

At Otakon 2015, the Reverse Thieves entertained a room full of people by showing the slapstick sensation of cute girls getting knocked in the noggin by baseballs during their first practice. That promising premise was enough to hook me into watching all twelve episodes of Taisho Baseball Girls. While I was squeeing over this 1920s period piece from 2009 on the tweety box, Kory Cerjak asked me about doing a podcast along with Kate of the Reverse Thieves. How could I say no? Head over to the Taiiku Podcast now via the link below and give a listen. Surprisingly, there was quite a bit to talk about!

Taiiku Podcast #12

Taisho Baseball Girls is streaming on HULU and available from Sentai Filmworks (amazon/rightstuf).


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