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An Unlikely Pairing: Garden of Words and Love Live!

Many of you don’t know this: back in 2015, there was an Ani-Gamers podcast for which Evan, David, and I assembled to talk about the anime and manga versions of Makoto Shinkai’s Garden of Words. Unfortunately, the audio for the recording was unusable, and Evan was forced to scrub the whole thing — a damned shame given how many excellent points were discussed at length.

Upon hearing me whine about this non-stop on Twitter, Kory Cerjak of Taiiku Podcast fame invited me to talk about GoW. The catch? I’d also have to talk about Love Live!. I resisted but ultimately gave in, which unfotunately meant having to watch the cult-amassing idol show turned rhythm game.

There’s lots of food for thought regarding both properties, so click the link below and give the episode a listen!

Taiiku Podcast Episode 16

Garden of Words (anime) is available via Sentai Filmworks. (Amazon, RightStuf)
Garden of Words (manga) is available via Vertical, Inc. (Amazon, RightStuf)
Love Live! is streaming on Crunchyroll and available via NIS America. (Amazon, RightStuf)

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