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My (Featured!) Panels at Genericon XXVIII This Weekend

It’s been two years now since I headed up college con Genericon as convention chair, and they’ve been doing a pretty great job back at RPI since then. As I did last year, I’ll be flying back to attend Genericon XXVIII, though this time I’m not just a panelist — I’m a featured panelist. This means that the con has made the mistake of featuring me in the conbook and, more importantly, I’m running FIVE panels. Big thanks go out to Amy and the rest of the staff for hooking me up with this awesome opportunity! I’ve listed all of my panels in easy bullet-point form after the break:

  • The Rise of CG Anime – history of computer graphics in anime – 6pm Friday in Panel 1
  • How Anime Gets Made – anime production process – 7pm Friday in Panel 1
  • The Changing Faces of Anime – history of anime/manga character designs – 9am Saturday in Panel 1
  • Crunchyroll Industry Panel – Buy Crunchyroll ProductsTM – 12 noon Saturday in Main Events A
  • The Beautiful Backgrounds of Anime – anime background art overview – 9am Sunday in Main Events A

Most of these are either premiering at Genericon or greatly updated since the last time I ran them, so if you’re at the con this weekend, please stop by!

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