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My Panels at Fall Kraken Con 2014

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend (October 4-5), stop by Fall Kraken Con in downtown Oakland to watch me buckle under the pressure of a whopping seven (yes, SEVEN) panels at the twice-annual, two-day anime, comics, and animation convention. I’ll be on the following panels. All but the Crunchyroll ones are solo panels, and both “CG” and “How Anime Gets Made” are brand new!

  • The Beautiful Backgrounds of Anime — Saturday, October 4 10:30AM-11:20AM — ROOM 210
    • All about background art in anime, including the process and the work of particular artists
  • Crunchyroll Industry Panel – Saturday, October 4 12:50PM-1:50PM — GRAND BALLROOM
    • Basic industry panel stuff. Title announcements, what we’ve been watching, and Q&A
  • Working in the Industry – Saturday, October 4 3:40PM-4:40PM — ROOM 208
    • A fun, informal panel where CR employees discuss our experience working in the anime/manga industry
  • Intro to Studio Trigger – Saturday, October 4 6:00PM-7:00PM — ROOM 208
    • Overview of the ex-Gainax team at Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill, Inferno Cop) and their work
  • The Rise of CG Anime – Sunday, October 5 10:30AM-11:20AM — ROOM 210
    • An abbreviated history of computer graphics work in anime (there’s a lot to cover!)
  • How Anime Gets Made – Sunday, October 5 2:30PM-3:30PM — ROOM 208
    • The anime production process from concept to release
  • The Changing Faces of Anime – Sunday, October 5 4:50PM-5:50PM — ROOM 208
    • A history of anime and manga, as told through character designs

Since I’ll be really busy all weekend, I won’t be covering the convention for Ani-Gamers, but I’ll be checking out the dealer’s room, attending other panels, and probably playing a lot of the new 3DS Super Smash Bros., so feel free to say hi if you see me around!

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