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This Weekend: Panels and More at Animation on Display (AOD) 2015

This weekend — January 31-February 1 — I’ll be at Animation on Display, a convention for “anime, video games, cartoons, and other fun and geeky stuff,” based out of Burlingame, CA, a.k.a. San Francisco Airportland. Last year I just attended and wrote a con report, but this year I’ll be on three panels! First is How Anime Gets Made (Saturday at 1pm in Events 4), my presentation about the Japanese animation production process. I believe I’ll be sitting out the Crunchyroll Industry Panel (Saturday at 2pm in Events 2) this time, but you can probably find me in the audience there. Then I’m doing The Rise of CG Anime (Sunday at noon in Events 4), which is about the history of computer animation in anime. Finally, I’ll be on Crunchyroll’s Working in the Anime Industry panel (Sunday at 1pm in Events 2) once again, discussing what it’s like to work for an anime company!

Outside of panels, I’ll also be helping out at the Crunchyroll booth on and off during the con, so you might see me manning the booth or on the livestream. Keep your eye on the latter if you want to see what my coworkers and I are up to without attending the con, and check out CR’s official site news post for more info on our panels and livestream. 

I don’t have a press badge this time, but depending on the panels the convention has to offer, I may write up some panel reports.

Anyway, if you’re in the Bay Area, please stop by and say hi!

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