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Anime Secret Santa 2013: Three (Un)wise Men

His and Her Circumstances (David's pick), RahXephon (Evan), and Shiki (Ink)

EDIT: Added links back to the Reverse Thieves site.

It’s that time of year again. Time for lights and trees and an unceasing parade of the same irritating songs you’ve been hearing every December for your whole life. Also, uh, spending time with family and other nice things.

But before I get into all the typical Christmas-y stuff, let me remind you that we’re anime fans here at Ani-Gamers, and that means the most important aspect of the Holiday Season is — obviously — getting gifts in the form of Japanese cartoons. To that end, the Reverse Thieves have made a twice-checked list of anime bloggers and matched us up in another year of Anime Secret Santa. It’s simple: each blogger gets assigned another blogger, and must secretly select for them three anime titles. The recipient then chooses one, watches it, and posts their review on December 25. This will be our third year participating in the now four-year-old Secret Santa (we were on hiatus during the event last year).

This time we have three bloggers taking part: me, Ink, and David.

I had to make a tough call between RahXephon, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Season 1, and The Garden of Sinners. The former seemed cool enough, what with its combination of giant robots and Yoko Kanno music, but it also looked pretty boring from the first episode I watched. Milky Holmes, on the other hand, appears to be pretty funny, but it’s also saccharine little-girl anime that will probably send me into a blind rage if I watch too much of it. Garden of Sinners is too expensive, so I’m not even entertaining that idea. Thus, I’ve decided to go with RahXephon. It’s a shame that for the third year in a row my Secret Santa choice has come down to “which of these will I hate less?,” though that probably only happens because I’m so picky about the anime I spend my time on.

Meanwhile, Ink and David, who don’t have the luxury of writing overlong descriptions of their thought processes since I’m the one penning this post, made the following choices: Ink selected vampire mystery Shiki over Kaze no Stigma and Murder Princess, while David went with Gainax’s shojo manga adaptation His and Her Circumstances (a.k.a. Kare Kano) instead of Princess Tutu or Ouran High School Host Club (somebody was looking to put a little shojo in his life!).

Our reviews will be published on or around December 25, 2012. For occasional updates on our progress on the shows (interspersed with Instagrammed food and other inane babbling), follow us on Twitter @VamptVo, @AnimatedInk, and @QX20XX!

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