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Muromi-san – Ripped Tide/Sea Sick/Two Mermaids One Coast

This one goes out to the girls who match challengers shot for shot without getting sloppy and keep things interesting all evening long. This one goes out to the girls who don’t need anyone else to show them a good time because they make it happen themselves. This one goes out to the ones who remain fearless in the face of the perils from the morning-after hangover, the ones who have been around for centuries, the ones who have appeared in epic poems and lore and … anime? Well, I guess the idiom drink like a fish had to be inspired by something. Who would’ve guessed it’d be a someone? Who would’ve guessed it would be the mermaids of Muromi-san?

This particular (not so) great moment in drinking actually starts one morning after an epic night of partying with the creatures of the deep. Muromi is attempting to sleep it off on a sunny beach when a curious native passing by wakes her. Upon becoming aware of the small Malaysian girl’s presence, Muromi’s eyes aren’t the only things that open. Soon after the revival of her consciousness, Muromi’s senses awaken, take over, and revolt. After a minute of spewing sick into that in which she swims and breathes, the kindness offered her by Malaysian hands in the form of rehydration via coconut steadies Muromi enough to make plans for another night of deep sea drinking and chicanery (on the opposite side of the continent).

Called to a mixer in the Baltic Sea as a favor for her friend, Sumida, who owes a reluctant favor to the touchy-feely Kraken (a real lightweight evidently), Muromi devises a plan to get the beast smashed in pleasant company and then stick him with the bill so that she and her fellow mermaids can go party on their own terms in Burgundy. Plans go swimmingly, with only one small hiccup: another morning after. Somehow the party which started in the Baltic Sea and took a devious detour through Burgundy lands Sumida on the same beach Muromi used as her vomit-sorbent. Moreover, Sumida comes under the care of the same small Malaysian girl for being in the same condition. And because misery loves company:

Lessons learned:
1) Always party with mermaids (they dress skimpily and party hard), but never bring your wallet.
2) Malaysian coconuts are miraculous hangover cures. Just be sure to have something sharp with which to open them – claws or a forearm switchblade will work in a pinch.
3) Mermaids’ hair accessories come in block and flip phone styles, and their shellular reception is fantastic!

Muromi-san is currently streaming on Crunchyroll (and has one of the best OPs ever).

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