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Like Water For Vodka – Mnemosyne


Name: Rin Asougi
Series: Mnemosnye (RIN: Daughters of Mnemosnye)
Episodes: All
Usual: Vodka
Favorite dive: The Office
Type of drunk: The Happy Drunk, The Don Draper, The Russian

The liver itself is a regenerative organ, so whom better to serve as metaphor for that which enables inebriation than Rin Asougi of Mnemosnye? Cursed with immortality via contact with a Time Fruit several lifetimes ago, Rin regenerates from any wound. Stab her, shoot her, render great distances between her torso and limb(s), explode her, and she just keeps coming back for another serving. Glutton for punishment you say? What liver isn’t?! Liv-er, get it? That just came to me. Seriously though, all those pictures are from separate drinking scenes … mostly from the first episode. Why drink that much, except perhaps to be awesome in the segmented eyes of the local barflies?

Some people drink to forget, and one would think Rin would too. After all, her job as a private investigator and nature as an abomination of mortality seem defined as a daily injury-fest. Rather than lament her pain and suffering though, Rin happily tips a glass with clients and coworkers to celebrate survival. This is not to say all of Rin’s drinks are shared in good company or temperament or lead to good decisions. She is a P.I. in a sleazy town; bills have to get paid and information doesn’t come cheap. Rin and Mimi have been immortal together for a long time, and it shows in the degree of office intimacy shared by those two. So when client meetings require house calls or cheap motel rooms (or god forbid a former lover), of course a little drink is needed to dull the edges of adultery. Consequently, a little drink usually goes a little too far.

Whether it’s a shot glass, ice-filled tumbler, or just a straight-up bottle, there’s rarely a scene wherein Rin is found without some form of alcohol in hand. And if she is, by chance, caught in a moment of deficiency, Rin is lucky enough to have Mimi, immortal enabler, who always seems at the ready with serving tray on hand. It’s during Mimi’s ritualistic serve that she usually utters, “Vodka’s Russian for water, you know,” which is a pretty funny joke seeing how drunk Russians usually are. While not actually Russian, Rin does share a capital letter with the country and, more importantly, the stone-cold, liver-numbed badassery to drink anyone under the table.


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