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Great Drinker – Margery Daw

Name: Margery Daw (Chanter of Elegies)
Series: Shakugan no Shana
Usual: Alcohol
Favorite Dive: The bar at Keisaku Satou parents’ house.
Type of Drunk: The Escapist, The Binger, The Perpetual Lightweight
Quote: “What’s the point in drinking unless you have a good time and just go nuts?”

Let’s toast FUNimation (finally) releasing the second season of Shakugan no Shana (December 18!) by raising our collective cocktails to the Margery Daw of season one: elegy chanter, denizen hunter, passive cougar, and … giant purple wolf? Surely, she’s a woman of many talents, but Margery Daw’s penultimate personality trait is her abuse love of the drink. What drink? Got something to quench an unfulfilled sense of vengeance, buddy? Yeah … she’ll have a double of that, a shot of the next fermented thing, and a chaser of “SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU DON’T KNOW ME,” all followed with a sublime nap on whatever horizontal surface is immediately available.

For all of Margery’s imbibing, she’s yet to destroy the brain cells that hold memories of her family being killed or forget her chance for vengeance being stripped away by a denizen who is impossible to locate. The all-too-temporary balm with which Margery attempts to subjugate her seething sorrow is her ability to destroy as many crimson denizens as she can find as a flame haze and the sweet escapism that comes from bottle after bottle emptied in between each (and every) encounter. You think I’m exaggerating? Well, there’s no situation more descriptive of this great drinker than when her breath gets called out by a telepathic book.

Hey, don’t judge. If you were named after a lazy slut in a nursery rhyme, you’d drink heavily too. Of course having two things in common with poets doesn’t help. Aside from her rhyming namesake, the Chanter of Elegies wields the “Improvisational Poem of Slaughter” (Tosatu no Sakkyōshi). And let me tell you, concocting verse is difficult enough without the literal fate of human souls on the line. So Ms. Daw seems doomed to swallow her sorrows. The problem? Despite her depth of woe, Margery’s tolerance is abysmal. There’s no sleep barfing (a la Yukari-sensei), but there’s plenty of passing out. Revival, however, is what Margery Daw is all about. No matter how low she’s struck, no matter how deep her intoxication, no matter how many times she’s upstaged in her duties by a Flaming-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter half her age, Daw will rise to the occasion by shaking off her hangover to drink another day.

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