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What It Takes to Be King – Fate/Zero Episode 11

FatezeroWhichOfUs FateZeroBottomOfTheBarrel

Funny story: three Heroic Spirits — Alexander the Great, King Arthur, and Gilgamesh — sit down for some wine in a garden for a drinking contest to determine the fate of the world. No, seriously. In episode 11 of Fate/Zero, wine comes from a barrel via some local merchant, glasses take the form of a singular wooden ladle shared betwixt participants, and the right to rule is measured in how well you can get your point across before you hit the ground dizzy.  Readers might already know Rider as a Great Drinker, and since it’s his wine, he goes first.

So who wins this great moment in drinking? Let’s watch, with captions a la moi:


My liver will conquer you all.


 You do not drink wine that way…


…but I will humor you.


 You’ve been served!


And why do I have to drink it from a wooden ladle?


And I made it and some fitting goblets out of thin air.  Beat that, Jesus.  I didn’t even need water!

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