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Our columns are usually posted on a regular schedule, with either a single consistent author or rotating authors. Columns are separated into sections based on whether they’re currently running or no longer running.

Currently Running Columns

There are no currently running columns.

Old Columns

Mystery Box of Misery

“Mystery Box of Misery” Posts

They’re the Part 2 of 3 you receive when both bookends are out of print. They’re the discs marked down to $1 during clearance and holiday sales. They’re fodder for Ani-Gamers’ Mystery Box of Misery column, which will appear monthly with three short, context-free reviews of as many blind-box items. Want to join in on the fun? Ani-Gamers Patreon supporters vote via poll to determine who reviews which title. Join us!

Drunken Otaku

“Drunken Otaku” Home Page

With a fondness for watching portrayals of people making asses of themselves via the drink, Drunken Otaku seeks to share the love and make you laugh. This column will lift its editorial glass to the great drunkards of anime, manga, and video games via short, trading card-like profiles; recall inspiring moments involving characters who over-imbibe; and unlike the rest of the very polished reviews here on Ani-Gamers, offer (hopefully funny) sloppy, drunken, stream of conscious reactions to whatever’s in the DVD player, on the computer screen, under a reading lamp, or controlled by hands which have obviously confused a controller for a glass.


“Snapshots” Home Page

Snapshots is a regular column here at Ani-Gamers in which one of our writers chooses a moment from some anime, manga, game, or other media that really made an impact on them in the past month. It’s a valuable chance to compare the subjective ways in which we all experience and analyze media.

The Trap Door

“The Trap Door” Home Page

For every anime released to acclaim and cheers, there are the few that slip beneath the radar, or worse still, get pelted with eggs. Are they really THAT forgettable? The Trap Door, written by Phillip O’Connor, aims to answer just that question. Titles that fall under its purview stand on the trap door of fandom. Do they get to escape or will they fall, to be lost for all eternity (or until some other unlucky sod finds them)?

The Brotherhood Diaries

All Columns

Ani-Gamers staff writer Ink contributed a weekly column in which he examined the differences between the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime and its re-telling, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (based on the original manga).

This Week/This Month

All “This Week” ColumnsAll “This Month” Columns

This Week (later renamed and rescheduled “This Month”) was simply a blog version of the Ani-Gamers Newsletter, showing off recent posts and events at Ani-Gamers.

Up for Download

All Columns

In each entry of this weekly column, Maxwell “Pigeonflu” McGee went over the newest titles being released on the Playstation Network, WiiWare, and Xbox Live Arcade, while giving his opinions on each one.

Dojo Day

All Columns

Evan and The Oracle tag-teamed this early column recapping the announcements on the Super Smash Bros. Dojo blog, run by Masahiro Sakurai before the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


All Columns

A short-lived column in which Evan provided brief reviews of the latest anime series out in Japan.