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Back to Boston!

Anime Boston 2011

True Story: Despite living in New Jersey for my entire life, the first anime convention I ever attended was actually Anime Boston, and since attending in 2005 or so, I have never been back to the large con. This year, however, is different.

I’m heading up from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with the school’s Science-Fiction Association, which is organizing a trip to the con. While up in Boston, I will be blogging about the convention’s myriad panels and events and maybe grabbing an interview or two with the guests. Plus, I will co-presenting with Daryl Surat of Anime World Order on his “Remembering Satoshi Kon” panel. (I ran a similar one at Genericon, and I hope to bring my own insights to what is already looking to be a great panel about the late director’s life and work.)

As usual, I’ve included my tentative schedule — complete with overlaps that I will reconcile on the fly at the con — after the break. Note the number of Charles Dunbar panels; after Ink’s great write-up and my own repeated failure to attend his panels, I’m going to make a real effort to see them this time.

Are you going to the con? What events are you looking forward to?

EDIT 1: Modified my list a little after realizing that I missed a few panels.


When What Where
10–11 am Who Was Carl Macek? Panel 309
11 am-12 pm Oda Nobunaga: Evil Sorceror or Space Alien? Panel A
1–2:45 pm The Tokyo “Nonexistant Youth” Bill and How It Affects You Panel 309
3–4 pm Castles, Forests and Bath Houses: The Worlds of Hayao Miyazaki Panel A
3:30–4:30 pm Future of the Fullmetal Fandom: Is It Really Over!? Panel 306
4–5 pm Anime Intro & Ending Themes Panel 302/304
6–7:30 pm Experts of Fan Controversy Panel 107
6–7 pm Dubs That Time Forgot Panel 202
7–8:30 pm Totally Subversive Toons Panel 309
8:30–9:30 pm Villains and Virgins: The Madonna-Heathen Complex in Anime Panel 107
8:30–9:30 pm I <3 the 90’s Panel 306
9:30–11:30 pm Anime’s Craziest Deaths Panel 306


When What Where
10–11 am The Family That Geeks Together, Keeps Together Panel 107
11 am–12 pm Tezuka 101 Panel 206
12–1 pm It’s a Rumic World Panel 309
1–2 pm State of the Industry Panel 306
2–3 pm Sentai Filmworks Panel 306
3:30–4:30 pm Remembering Satoshi Kon (1963-2010) Panel 202
5–6 pm Notable Directors of Anime That Aren’t Hayao Miyazaki Panel 309
6–7 pm “What is Super-Flat”: Where Anime fits in Post-Modern Culture Panel 206
7–8 pm Omoide In My Head: A Brief Guide to Japanese Indie Rock Panel 202
7–9 pm Bad Anime, Bad!! Panel A
8–9 pm Dead Like Us: Shinigami, Death Lore and Japanese Media Panel 107
8–9 pm Animating Music in Anime About Music Panel 206
11 pm–12 am STEREOPONY Concert Auditorium


When What Where
10–11 am The Visions of Akira Kurosawa Panel 202
12–1 pm Spirits, Wheel and Borrowed Gods: Religion in Japan Panel 202
12–1 pm Satoshi Kon RIP (this is NOT Daryl’s panel) Panel 302/304
12–1 pm From East to West: the Superheroes of Japan & America Panel A
1–2:30 pm An International Game of Telephone: The Japanese Culture Exchange Panel 107

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