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An Apology (Then Back To Work)

Yes, it would seem that an apology is in order. I have been missing in action for about two weeks, which means (due to the current editorial structure of the blog) that Ani-Gamers has been missing in action for about two weeks. Luckily, the two big things that have caused this hold-up are related in some way to Ani-Gamers, so no “life got in the way” excuses here, folks. Plus, they’re mostly out of the way, so we’ll be back in business ASAP.

  1. New Blogging Platform: For the better part of the two weeks since the start of the new year, I have been working night and day to construct a blogging platform based around this idea: Blogger isn’t quite doing it for me and, being a perfectionist control freak, the best solution is naturally for me to build my own platform from the ground up, with every functionality made to fit my needs. It’s still a little unpolished, but I’ve finished all the big things, so at this stage it actually could operate as the official Ani-Gamers blogging platform. I haven’t decided yet if we’ll be moving to it, but I’m currently looking into a web host to hold the new system and some cosmetic and organizational changes that might go along with it. I’ll keep you all updated on that as things progress.
  2. Genericon XXIV: As soon as I finished that colossal project, I moved on to Genericon, the anime/sci-fi/gaming convention for which I am Public Relations Coordinator (a job that I didn’t really keep up with much during the two weeks of straight coding). I’m now working hard on organizing press coverage, guests, and featured panelists (including some folks you might know from around the Internet) while I get back into the swing of things here at Ani-Gamers. I’ll be running two panels (my character design panel The Changing Faces of Anime and a new Satoshi Kon retrospective) at the Troy, NY convention, which will be held February 11-13, 2011 at my college, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Thanks for sticking with us through this embarrassing little hiatus. We all look forward to your continued readership and feedback!

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    Evan is the Editor-in-chief of Ani-Gamers, a freelance reviewer for Otaku USA Magazine, and a frequent anime convention panelist. You can read his ravings about anime, manga, games, politics, music, and more on Twitter @VamptVo.

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