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Anime Secret Santa 2010: Our Choices

Last Exile, Fate/Stay Night, Baccano, and Pale Cocoon

You may remember last year, when I took part in the Reverse Thieves’ “Anime Secret Santa” project — each participating anime blogger gave another blogger a list of three titles to review without revealing their identity, and the recipient had to choose one of the titles and actually review it. Well, despite my harrowing experience with A-1 Pictures’ moé comedy Kannagi (2008) last year, I’ve signed up yet again, and Ani-Gamers writers Ink, Elliot, and Evan (Krell) have also thrown their hats into the ring. It’s gonna be a crazy Christmas this year!

The three choices I received were considerably less dire than last year’s moé buffet (Air, Kannagi, and True Tears), with the Read or Die OAV (2001), Akiyuki Shinbo’s The SoulTaker (2001), and Last Exile (2003) from studio Gonzo. R.O.D. is out of the question because I’ve already seen it, so I decided to go with Last Exile. Gonzo did pretty well with Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (2004) despite their bad reputation, so I’ll give them a shot on this steampunk adventure with character designs from the talented Range Murata.

[Read on after the break for Ink, Elliot, and Evan’s choices.]

Meanwhile, Ink had to choose between Kanon (2006), sola (2007), and Fate/Stay Night (2006), and since he’s already seen Kanon, he will be watching and reviewing Fate/Stay Night.

Elliot received Eden of the East (2009), Baccano (2007), and Kino’s Journey (2003). He’s already seen Kino’s Journey and Eden of the East isn’t out in the UK yet, so that leaves him with Baccano (previously reviewed on our site by Uncle Yo).

Finally, Evan Krell — who is writing a review each for Ani-Gamers and Insert-Disc — had to choose between Ocean Waves (1993), Pale Cocoon (2006), and Umi Monogatari (2009), and he’s going with Pale Cocoon for his Ani-Gamers review.

Our reviews will be on the site during the week before Christmas, with the last one coming out sometime early in the day on Christmas Eve (December 24). Watch our Twitters (@VamptVo, @Poetic_Ink, @elliotpage, @bakatanuki) if you want to keep up with our opinions as we watch through these series — or hear about that fantastic bagel we just ate.

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