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New Staff Welcome: Baka and Lwelyk

The logo of Baka and Lwelyk's site, Insert-Disc

Perhaps you’ve heard of Insert-Disc, our formidable yet sophisticated rivals in anime/game blogging. We’ve been on some of their podcasts and commented on their blog posts, and they have done the same for us, but today we take it … TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Indeed, Insert-Disc’s Evan “Bakatanuki” Krell and Kyle “Lwelyk” LaCroix are joining the Ani-Gamers team to provide even more video game, anime, and manga content (though mostly the first one, since we’re a little short on gaming writers at the moment). If you’re curious, Baka is the founder and a current editor of Insert-Disc and a purveyor of only the finest classic video games, though he’s also a fan of giant robot anime and moé girls — yeah, go figure. Meanwhile, Lwelyk is also an editor and resident bad game-player at Insert-Disc, where he seeks to spread the dying gospel of the Sonic the Hedgehog games to anyone who will listen.

I’d like to join the rest of the Ani-Gamers staff in welcoming our newest additions. I’m sure we’ll be seeing some great new articles from these two in the near future!

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