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E3 2010: Microsoft press conference livestream/chat [EDIT 2]

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EDIT 2: The press conference is over. Thanks to everybody who participated in the chat room.

EDIT 1: The Microsoft conference was postponed by a half-hour, giving me a bit more time to make this post more usable for you, dear readers. You’re welcome.

So I’ll admit right now that I didn’t make much of a grand plan for us to cover E3, the Electronics Entertainment Expo. But you know who did? The fine folks at Insert-Disc! So, while we will be providing our typical round-up posts for each major press conference, I (as well as a few other Ani-Gamers staffers if they’d like to) will be hanging out in the Insert-Disc Cover It Live chat room during the press conferences. After the break, I’ve included an embed of I-D’s Cover It Live chat room (so you can join from right inside this post) and links to a variety of live streams of the Microsoft press conference. With luck, I should be doing the same thing for both of the other major conferences.

Live streams of the press conference:

Of course, once the press conference is over, head on over to Insert-Disc to let the guys know how much fun you had in the chat room and how much you love them for actually having an organized plan for their coverage.

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