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Aniblog Tourney: Round 2 START

This is pretty much what we look like when we start fighting other bloggers. Also their heads all explode.

As many of you are likely already aware of, Ani-Gamers is currently participating in a 96-entrant anime blog tournament called, fittingly, the “Aniblog Tourney.” Essentially, readers are voting for which anime blog they’d prefer to read. We won our first round against Anime Full Circle, and this week we face off against THAT Anime Blog in the second round.

First off, I’d like to thank all of our readers who supported us in the first round, and I hope you’ll all vote for us in Round 2 as well. In addition to that, however, I would also like to provide a brief explanation of our site for newcomers finding us through the Tourney. Don’t worry, I won’t go into any superfluous bullet-point lists here, just a brief paragraph.

Pretty much, Ani-Gamers is based around the idea that it is possible to combine focused, intelligent coverage with the unique spirit that comes with being a geek. With a multifaceted staff of a variety of tastes and writing styles, we seek to provide genuine fan opinions without the tiresome navel-gazing attitude of many personal blogs. Very importantly, we also have a real editorial structure here, a system that puts almost every article through at least one editor before it sees publication. Finally, we strive in every article to advise our readers on buying decisions, educate them on the history and culture of anime, manga, and games, and/or provoke critical thought about their own geek hobbies.

If any of that interests you, please check out our articles through the News, Reviews, Features, etc. links above, or read our About Us page. Oh, and of course, please vote for us in the Aniblog Tourney!


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    Evan is the Editor-in-chief of Ani-Gamers, a freelance reviewer for Otaku USA Magazine, and a frequent anime convention panelist. You can read his ravings about anime, manga, games, politics, music, and more on Twitter @VamptVo.

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