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Tezuka Month is over! Thanks everybody!

Wow, that was really quite an experience! Ani-Gamers’ first-ever Theme Month was much more than just a series of articles about one of our all-time favorite manga and anime artists. It was a reminder that, when we all get together, online anime fandom can collaborate to produce some really awesome, cross-blog content.

Yes, Osamu Tezuka Month started at Ani-Gamers, but it would not have been anywhere near as successful without the help of the many bloggers and readers who took up the task of promoting the work of Osamu Tezuka throughout the month. I’d like to express my thanks to everyone who promoted and participated in the Theme Month, including — but certainly not limited to — Ed Chavez (Vertical, Inc. Marketing Director), Tim Maughan (Tim Maughan Books), Ninjatron (Astro Boy World), Daniella Orihuela-Gruber (All About Manga), the staff of Insert-Disc, and Scott Green (AICN Anime), who all helped expand the reach of the Theme Month through providing review/contest copies of books, blogging about Tezuka, or tweeting with the #TezukaMonth hashtag.

Naturally, I cannot forget to thank the most important people of all: the writers and podcast hosts here at Ani-Gamers who truly drove Tezuka Month to success by producing even more content than I could publish in an adequate amount of time. A special thanks goes out to Ani-Gamers staffers Ink, Elliot, and Uncle Yo, and guest contributors Hisui & Narutaki (Reverse Thieves), Phillip (Eeeper’s Choice), Frederik L. Schodt (personal site), and Ed Sizemore (Manga Worth Reading).

Now it’s your turn to contribute! What did you like about Tezuka Month, and what didn’t you like? What kind of Theme Month would you like to see on the site in the future? I think I speak for the entire Ani-Gamers staff when I say that we’d love to do another one of these sometime soon, so let us know what you want to read about!

Check out all of the themed posts that we published in March at our Theme Months page.

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