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Super Street Fighter IV to make Seth “even cheaper”

Seth, the final boss of Street Fighter IV's Arcade Mode

The Super Street Fighter IV hype-machine is in full swing. With announcements about adding up to 8 new fighters, tweaks to both current and online gameplay, Capcom is clearly trying to give the fans what they want…. almost. It’s a well-known fact that the game’s final boss Seth has been the cause of many a frustrated rage from gamers, but according to a recent quote from Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian, “Seth will be even cheaper and more irritating.” Some current characters will also get some new moves, though details are sketchy regarding who will receive the updates. Killian did admit that one character – Ken – will learn a new trick or two.

Questions arose about the online play as soon as SFIV hit consoles, but it is yet to be proven whether Super SFIV will improve them or not. When asked about the issue, Killian’s response was only a meager, “That is one of the things we will be trying to address.” I know I would love it if Capcom would add a party room of sorts (a la Dead or Alive 4).

One of the more surprising details from Killian is Capcom’s decision to create all new background stories for ALL characters, though they will not be animated by Studio 4°C. This could be a great idea, but it might also backfire since sometimes story changes can destroy diehard fans’ original love for a character. On the topic of the game’s price, I remember reading somewhere that Capcom was originally planning to make SSFIV cheaper than SFIV, but that may change according to Killian, who says that Capcom is still debating whether to sell the game for the traditional price of console titles or a lower price. I vote lower, since Capcom would anger a lot of fans by making them pay twice for just a few tweaks and new characters that could be delivered through DLC or patches.

[via Kotaku]

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