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This Month in Ani-Gamers ~ August 2009

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Well, I did promise that we had a lot more Otakon coverage on the way. (After all, August did see the publication of our written con report, podcast con report, full press conference audio, and Travis Willingham interview, among our various panel reports!) But luckily, as of today I can officially say that there will be no more talk about Otakon here at Ani-Gamers… at least until next year’s con. Besides that, this month also saw the North American release of the newest surefire-hit Studio Ghibli anime, Ponyo. Make sure you read Uncle Yo’s review of the film, written up in double-time after having seen the movie.

Of course, I’d also like to apologize for any recent or future lapses in our volume of articles, since I’ve been dealing with moving in for college, and the adjustment has made it temporarily more difficult to update. Don’t worry though – pretty soon I should be back into the groove of things!

And with that, how about you head on down past the break and check out this month’s posts?


Otakon 09: Aniplex panel – Kannagi discussion

Otakon 09: Aniplex panel report


Paranoia Agent (Hyb)

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (Dub)


Otakon 09: Shonen Manga – A History of Violence, a Legacy Sullied

Con Report: Otakon 2009

Otakon 09: Travis Willingham Q&A


FMA: The Brotherhood Diaries – Episode 17

FMA: The Brotherhood Diaries – Episode 18

FMA: The Brotherhood Diaries – Episode 19

FMA: The Brotherhood Diaries – Episode 20


Ani-Gamers Podcast #018 – The Mega-Podcast

Ani-Gamers Podcast #019 – Otakon Guests Press Conference


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On Deck:

[Review] Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (Hyb) – Vampt Vo

[Review] Macross: Do You Remember Love? – Vampt Vo

[Column] Otakudemia: Beck – Ink

[Review] Seirei no Moribito (Sub) – Uncle Yo

[Review] White Album (Sub) – Uncle Yo

[Review] With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child – Vampt Vo

[Review] Impressions: Cowboy Bebop vol.5

More Otakon coverage!

Thanks for reading. See you next month!

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