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Otakon 09: Aniplex panel report

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Although I was called out of this panel early, I was privy (along with all other attendees) to presentations/previews of some present and upcoming Aniplex titles: FMA: Brotherhood; Gurren Lagaan the Movie: Childhood’s End; Guin Saga; Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler); Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens; Garden of Sinners; and Cencoroll.

Anyone reading this article on this website should damn well know what FMA: Brotherhood is all about, and readers who don’t know what Gurren Lagann is should rent/stream the series before checking out the movie. (Editor’s note: or listen to almost any episode of the Ani-Gamers Podcast.) So I’ll start with Guin Saga, which centers around a warrior who has lost his memory and is searching for his past alongside members of the lost kingdom. This project integrates the talents of director Atsushi Wakabayashi (who has worked on Naruto) and Nobuo Uematsu (famous for his Final Fantasy music).

The folks from Aniplex also announced a second season of Black Butler, which will continue the plot wherein the main character is, surprise, a butler (and also a demon). He serves his household breakfast, lunch, and damnation, but only after members enter into a pact with him.

Skipping Kannagi (read the rest of our posts about it!), the Garden of Sinners movie is chock-full of action involving a combination of swordplay and chi-based attacks with brilliantly executed camera techniques. This dialogue-less preview was more than a delight for the eyes with its use of color and more than enough of a hook to make me want to see more.

Action’s all well and good, but give me weird any day! Cencoroll featured talking car hoods, flying creatures that evolve out of everyday objects, and much more craziness than even I could possibly describe…because that’s when I had to leave (much to my disappointment).

Look for these titles later this year or next! Not a one deserves to be missed.

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