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Winning entries for our Schoolgirl Milky Crisis contest

Homicidal Group Therapist Kayla

Well, we’ve certainly had a lot of fun judging the Schoolgirl Milky Crisis giveaway here at Ani-Gamers. (For those who are just cluing in now, the blog contest required readers to create a crazy, fictional anime title in the spirit of Jonathan Clements’ new book, Schoolgirl Milky Crisis.) But, since we had no entries in our podcast contest, I’ve decided to give away a copy of Clements’ book to the top three entries in the blog contest. Those three are:

  1. Homicidal Group Therapist Kayla (Brian)
  2. Vampire Moon Priestesses’ Mecha Kombat: The Miniseries (Kevin)
  3. Kinky Hamster Demon Fujala (Peter)

While a homicidal group therapist is pretty unheard-of, I’m gonna venture a guess that vampire moon priestesses have already participated in mecha combat in some anime or another, and a kinky hamster demon sounds like a Go Nagai anime just WAITING to happen. But damn, did those names make us laugh! Some of the runners-up evoked quite a chuckle as well, such as “The Tale of Confusion Over Navy Seal Special Operations Sniper Soldier” (arguably based on a true story) from Dorian and “Super Pretty Kitty Theif Club” from Matt, who needs to learn how to spell “thief” before he can start winning contests around here.

Thank you so much to everybody who entered the contest – I’ll be contacting the winners and shipping out the prizes as soon as possible. Meanwhile, make sure to look out for my upcoming Ani-Gamers review of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis.

[Schoolgirl Milky Crisis is now available in stores from Titan Books. Visit the official blog, run by Clements himself.]

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