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New Staff Welcome: Ra1don (and a promotion!)

I’d like to introduce everybody to our newest member of the team here at Ani-Gamers. Dorian “Ra1don” Bogdanovski is an Xbox 360 and PC gamer with a particular interest in indie games, so he will provide his perspective on the gaming market through occasional video game reviews. He’s also a casual anime fan, but we’re confident that our collective obsession with the medium will turn him fully to the dark side soon enough.

My other big announcement is that Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer, formerly a contributing anime reviewer here at Ani-Gamers, will now be our Anime Reviews Editor. In this position, he will continue writing his fantastic (and funny) anime reviews while performing some editing functions for reviews written by other Ani-Gamers staffers. Congratulations, Karl!

EDIT: Okay, so I spelled his alias wrong. Blame l33t.

  • Uncle Yo's profile

    Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer is a geek-comedian/playwright working out of NYC, podcast host of We are the Geek, and one of Ani-Gamers' founding reviewers. His travels to anime conventions help us celebrate this age: The Day the Geek Inherited the Earth.

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