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Vampt reviews KRAZY! art exhibit at

Tired of waiting for the next mouth-watering Ani-Gamers post to knock your socks off? Well maybe I can satiate your appetite with my review of an art exhibit, which was recently posted over at “Snoore-fest,” you say. BUT WAIT! This is no ordinary art exhibit. It’s a celebration of Japanese anime, manga, and video games, presented in the form of art. (Video games as art? Roger Ebert’s blood pressure just shot up a notch.)

Anyway, The Anime Almanac‘s Scott VonSchilling and I had the chance to visit the exhibit thanks to Deb Aoki of, who was nice enough to provide us a ticket to an exclusive early preview. Below is an excerpt from our two-page tag-team writeup. Click the link to check out the rest.

The typical anime or manga convention may be populated mostly by squeeing fanboys and fangirls, but outside of the world of “traditional” fandom, there are mainstream establishments that are examining manga and anime in a very different way.

Two of those groups – the Vancouver Gallery of Art and New York City’s Japan Society – recently teamed up to bring Japanese pop culture to the people of New York City with KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Manga + Video Games. KRAZY! is an exhibit curated by the Vancouver Gallery of Art, and it’s on display at the Japan Society in New York City from March 13 to June 14, 2009. KRAZY! offers an in-depth, scholarly look at the art and evolution of these three influential Japanese pop culture phenomena.

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