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“This Week in Ani-Gamers,” Newsletter goes monthly

Our sidebar poll ended with a rather small number of votes, so I didn’t feel like there was enough data to really get a consensus on what our readers want to see for the new column. Still, I did my best to combine my personal opinion and the votes from the poll. As such, I’ve decided to move This Week in Ani-Gamers (and its corresponding newsletter) to a monthly format. For the very perceptive among you, you might realize that this will necessitate a name change. Yep, the new column will be called “This Month in Ani-Gamers,” seeing as it’s, you know, monthly.

All future entries will follow the same general format as they always have: an editorial note at the beginning about what’s new at Ani-Gamers, followed by links to the articles posted over the course of the month, and a list of upcoming articles.

For anybody interested in signing up to receive “This Month in Ani-Gamers” through our email newsletter, click here.

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