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This Week in Ani-Gamers ~ 01.04.09-01.11.09

Yep, I guess I’m late yet again. On that note, working on this column every week has gotten me thinking: Do you guys really want to have an article every week going over the latest posts? Would you prefer to simply use the front page and the sidebar links as your guides to the newest content on Ani-Gamers, or do you want to have a post about it every week? Do you prefer for me to give commentary at the beginning of the “This Week” posts, or would you like a streamlined list of links? Maybe a monthly rather than weekly format?

To make things easy, I’ve set up a poll on the sidebar, so please let me know what format you’d rather see. If you want to further explain your opinion, feel free to use the comments section of this post, or email me at

Check out the latest posts after the break.


Legend of Koizumi plays Mahjong with your world leaders

Show MTV your otaku chops: vote for Kamina!


Origin: Spirits of the Past (Hyb)


Ani-Gamers Podcast #011a – Goodbye 2008! (part 1)

On Deck:

[Podcast] Ani-Gamers Podcast #011b

[Feature] The Best of 2008

[Review] Eyeshield 21 vol.1 (Manga) – Mitchell Dyer

[Review] Mega Man ZX Advent (DS) – Pigeonflu

[Review] Paranoia Agent (Hyb) – Uncle Yo

[Review] School Days (Sub) – Uncle Yo

Thanks for reading. See you next week!

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