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This Week in Ani-Gamers ~ 12.21.08-12.28.08

I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas, full of fun, family, and anime/manga/game-related presents. Head to the comments for this post to let us know what gifts you got. As for what’s going on here at the site, we’ve had a few developments this past week. For one, the Ani-Gamers Podcast finally hit double digits with the release of episode #010. Second, we traded some blogroll links with the folks over at the Reverse Thieves anime blog and the Joystiq Podcast Appreciation Group Podcast. (Yes, a podcast about a fanclub about a podcast)

Finally, keep an eye out for news about our “Best of 2008” awards. We’re currently compiling staff votes and considering a format, so a blog post about it should be up by next week. Until then, head past the break for the awesome reviews and such that we published this week.


FUNimation to announce ten new series before year’s end


Left 4 Dead (360)

Tokyo Godfathers (Sub)


Ani-Gamers Podcast #010 – Comic Book Legal DEFENSE FORCE

On Deck:

[Review] Eyeshield 21 vol.1 (Manga) – Mitchell Dyer

[Review] Mega Man ZX Advent (DS) – Pigeonflu

[Review] Origins: Spirits of the Past (Hyb) – Uncle Yo

[Review] Paranoia Agent (Hyb) – Uncle Yo

[Review] School Days (Sub) – Uncle Yo

Thanks for reading. See you next week!

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