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Up for Download: 09.08.08 Special Edition

This special edition of Up for Download is dedicated to one special game this week. This is because all of this week’s other releases are simply not nearly BEEFY or MANLY enough to be placed on the same page as our special release. No, the demo of the off-road ATV racer Pure (PSN, free) doesn’t quite cut it; nor do the trio of XBLA titles: Shortest Shogi, Rocket Bowl, and Samurai Shodown II. So now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go fill these grand pianos with molten lead and see how many I can chuck through a third story window in under thirty seconds! HURRRAH!

Cho Aniki (VC, 900 Points): Released for the PC Engine by developer Masaya back in 1992, Cho Aniki is something purely Japanese. The game itself is a mediocre side-scrolling shooter which has spawned multiple sequels and spin-offs for other consoles, ranging from the Super Famicom to the PS2. What earns this title its place in gaming history is its completely surreal and obviously homoerotic art style. Everything about this game is centered on huge men in tiny clothing performing attacks that place them in…um…compromising positions.

The Cho Aniki (or Super Big Brothers) series has since established a bit of a cult following. In much the same sense that you might watch an awful B-movie for its campyness (MST3K anyone?), Cho Aniki provides that same, wonderfully bad, experience in video game form. It’s not really a good game, but I’m sure you’ll have fun; nor do I recommend you download this game, but I do think that everyone should play it.

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