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For Smash champion, it’s time to do reality TV

Ken Hoang, Smash champion and Survivor contestant

What novelty! This here gent by the name of Ken Hoang is the current international champion of Super Smash Brothers Melee, and is strangely enough now on the hit reality show Survivor. Hey man, what? I thought reality television died nearly two years ago, but if there’s anything that’ll bring it back to some audience(s), it would be a Smasher in the wilderness with a bunch of douches and broken personalities. Here’s what we can expect from him (that is, if we remember to watch. I’ll be putting this on my TV Forecast):

“He loves the fact that he will be considered an underdog because everyone will underestimate his prowess at playing mind games. Nobody would look at him and believe he climbed Mt. Fuji at the age of 20. Ready to exploit his slight physical stature, Ken will trick his fellow players into seeing him as a non-threat, only to smash them if they get in his way.”


[via CBS]

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