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Burnout Paradise to be released on PSN

Burnout Paradise

Criterion Games has announced that their open world racing title, Burnout Paradise, will be made available for download on PSN this fall for $29.99. Released back in January of this year, Burnout Paradise has undergone some significant changes recently which include the planned addition of motorcycles, new game modes, and a price drop – which are all features which will be included in the downloadable version.

In the press release following this announcement Criterion Studio Manager Fiona Sperry stated:

“Our mission at Criterion is to provide the most entertaining gaming service possible. In order to do that, it’s key that we have the ability to deliver content to players in ways that work for them…Download packs with meaningful new gameplay are the perfect way for us to keep entertaining fans and keep them playing, even months after launch.”

Stephen Totilo, of MTV’s Multiplayer Blog, raised an interesting point in his write up of the announcement, saying that: “[Burnout Paradise is] the first third-party, multi-platform disc-based title of this generation to be announced as downloadable for only one console.” He then goes on to question whether this will become a new battle ground for third party console exclusives. Perhaps Criterion has stumbled onto something bigger than they realize.

[via PS3 Fanboy]

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