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Activision drops several Vivendi franchises

Activision Blizzard

It seems that publisher Activision has been hard at work “restructuring” and “streamlining” the operations down at Vivendi studios. While Blizzard remains untouchable, GameSpot has reported that the staff at Radical Entertainment (Prototype) and High Moon Studios (The Bourne Conspiracy) are undergoing “realignment,” while members of Massive Entertainment (World in Conflict) and Swordfish Studios (50 Cent: Blood on the Sand) might soon find themselves without a home.

GameSpot also had the scoop on Activision’s dropping of several Vivendi franchises. “Streamlining” apparently means that we’ll be seeing a lot more Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon titles in the future, as well as Ice Age, Prototype (thank goodness), and one yet-to-be-announced game. Those that aren’t so lucky include Tim Schafer’s Brutal Legend, and the upcoming Ghostbusters game.

As far as Brutal Legend is concerned, the team over at Double Fine has stated that their game “is fine.” It has also been reported by Variety that the wayward title might soon be finding itself in a “unique” deal with an unnamed publisher in the near future. Variety also reported that Sony Pictures is trying to work out a 2009 release deal for the Ghostbusters title, though there is no word yet on who will publish it.

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