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Up for Download: 07.21.08 Edition

(Ed: Welcome to “Up for Download,” a new weekly column written by our own Maxwell “Pigeonflu” McGee. In each entry of this column, Pigeonflu will go over the newest titles being released on the Playstation Network, WiiWare, and Xbox Live Arcade, while giving his opinions on each one. So, without further ado, here is Up for Download: 7.21.08 Edition.)

A couple of good old fashioned shoot’em ups is what we’ve got up for download this week on 360 and Wii. A classic title is revisited while two others make the debut for the first time. PSN also rolls out their third installment of the Siren series which follows in Alone in the Dark’s episodic footsteps. It’s an interesting selection this week and one that’ll hopefully become the norm for downloadable titles instead of the exception.

1942: Joint Strike (XBLA, 800 Points): Another of the potentially great remakes is headed for the 360 curiosity of Capcom studios. This vertical shooter has received much praise from the enthusiast press since its announcement and might even earn a slot on my arcade line-up.

Go! Go! Break Steady (XBLA, 800 Points): The break out title from Little Boy Games, an independent game studio based out of Vancouver, advertises a combination of dance music and rhythm action. From what I’ve seen you control a break dancing character on screen through a combination of timed button presses and matching colored symbols.

Jade Empire (Xbox Original, 1200 Points): Another of the excellent action RPGs from Bioware which arrived after KOTOR but before Mass Effect on the original Xbox. The title enjoyed much critical acclaim upon its release and, unlike the other two titles, is available for download today (Monday the 21st).

Super Fantasy Zone (VC, 900 Points): A 1993 release from developer Sunsoft, this title looks a cross between a horizontal shooter and Kirby’s Dreamland and is apparently the last title in a long line of Fantasy Zone games. Just take one look at it and you’ll see what I mean!

Gley Lancer (VC, 900 Points): A vertical shooter originally released back in 1992. This manga inspired space shooter from developer NCS has never seen a release here in the states after its original release in Japan on the Sega Mega Drive.

Pirates: The Key of Dreams (WiiWare, 1000 Points): Our third shoot’em up for download this week, Pirates is developed by Oxygen Games and supports up to four players. The game is apparently meant to be the prequel to the DS title Pirates: Duels on High Seas which is set for an August release.

Siren: Blood Curse (PSN, $40 total/$15 per episode): From SCE’s Japanese studio, this latest installment in the Siren stealth/horror series will be available this Thursday. The game will follow an American TV crew trapped in a remote Japanese village and will be available as a complete package or as individual episodes.

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    Maxwell has been a gaming enthusiast since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Genesis. While currently an advertising major, he has high hopes of writing professionally about this digital time waster we love so much. He considers himself an easy going guy and will try just about anything with an open mind. Most of his gaming time is split between the PC and 360, though he does enjoy all of the major consoles. His favorite genre would be either fighters or turn-based strategy titles, while conversely harboring a dislike for most MMORPGs.

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