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This Week in Ani-Gamers ~ 7/6/08

Finally, “This Week” is back in business, even if it is a day late. Due to the lateness of today’s article, it will not discuss any posts that came out today or yesterday. News was slow this week since I was spending a lot of time planning out the Ani-Gamers restructuring, which may or may not actually contain news. More on that in this post. Meanwhile, the only real news posts that went up were about the dub cast for Gundam 00 and the Haruhi sequel (hint, it exists). Goddammit, if only I had asked Brad about 00 in the interview I did a mere two weeks before the announcement!

Reviews didn’t take a dive due to my vacation, seeing as I published two of Uncle Yo’s reviews: Slayers (just in time for the Slayers Revolution premiere) and Shigofumi. Thanks Karl, now that you’ve compared it to Lain and Boogiepop, I’m gonna have to go buy Shigofumi!

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Gundam 00 trailer, Meister cast released

Haruhi Rumors: Main site down


Shigofumi (anime)

Slayers (anime)


Ani-Gamers Podcast #002 – Interview with Drummonds and Swaile at AN08


Finally back in the game

On Deck:

[Con Report] AnimeNEXT 2008 – Vampt Vo

[Review] Baccano – Uncle Yo

[Article] Dallas Middaugh at AN08 – Vampt Vo

[Podcast] Greg Ayres’ Fansubbing Panel

[Review] Kurenai – Uncle Yo

[Review] Paradise Kiss – Uncle Yo

Thanks for reading. See you next week!

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